Welcome to the Meetical for Confluence App Installation Guide

This first-time setup will usually take about 5 Minutes. We will walk you through the Installation and First Time Setup of Meetical for Confluence.

First of all, install the Meetical Meetings Confluence App via the Atlassian Marketplace.

We recommend you use the In-Product Marketplace directly from your Confluence. Alternatively you can find the App also in the Web Based Marketplace and install the App from there.

  • Log in as Admin into Confluence and click on 'Manage apps'.
  • Then click on 'Find new apps'.
  • Search for 'Meetical' and find the App.
  • Click on 'Install' to install the App.
  • Once the App is installed, close the info window ...
  • ... and click on the 'Manage' Button.
  • ... then click on the 'Configure' Button.

You will land on the Main Meetical App Page showing the Login-Screen. Also notice the new Menu Item 'Meetings' in the Top Menu this is how you reach Meetical.

Use your Google or Microsoft Account to log in an connect your Calendar

  • Sign in with your Google or Microsoft Company Account. Note: For testing purposes we also support the free private Outlook and Google Accounts.
  • We will use Google as Calendar Provider in this Guide. The process with Microsoft / Outlook 365 is almost identical.
  • Click on 'Sign in with ...' to proceed.
  • Click on the User you want to use or enter your Account Credentials to proceed.
  • As First Time User, Meetical will create your Meetical Account and ask you to accept the Terms&Conditions and the Privacy statement.
  • Click on 'Accept and get started' to proceed.

In the next step, you will connect your Calender with the Meetical App.

  • Click on 'Connect your Calendar'.

An Authorization Screen form Google or Microsoft Appears and asks you to give permission to access your calendar.

  • Read access is required so event information can be copied and synced from your Calendar to Confluence
  • Write access is required so a link to the event can be added at the bottom of the description. This is an optional feature (can be configured in Options).
  • Confirm and click on 'Allow' to give the permissions.

The last step is to connect your Confluence Account.

  • Click on 'Connect your Confluence Account'.
  • Your credentials will be needed to create meeting pages and copy and sync meeting event info such as date, agenda, location and attendees for you from your Calendar to Confluence.
  • Enter your Confluence Base URL, your Confluence user name and your password.
  • Click 'Test and Save Account'
  • If the Connection is successful you see the final configuration screen.

Well done! You successfully finished the Setup of Meetical for Confluence. Have a chocolate. :)

Navigate to 'View Meetings' and start using Meetical!

Thank you for reading this guide. For any suggestions or questions, please write us at support@meetical.io.

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