How to effectively touch base with your teams using Confluence

"Any company that has Confluence and Jira I’d recommend it to them"
Tristan Fong - Localcoin
Co-Founder & CEO


How to effectively touch base with your teams using Confluence

Localcoin was the first ever company to try Meetical for Confluence Cloud! We had a chance to interview Tristan Fong and found out that "basically everything is really organized right now"!

Customer Interview

Lukas Gotter (Meetical): Hi Tristan nice to meet you again. Localcoin was the first ever company using Meetical for Confluence Cloud. I’m especially proud and curious to do this interview today with you.

Tristan Fong (Localcoin): Great to see you again, Lukas. I’m happy to be here on Zoom with you.

Lukas Gotter: I remember back in January this year, I did get regular reminder emails from you, asking about the progress on Meetical for Confluence Cloud and if it will be ready soon. That was really motivating for us! You have then become the very first company to onboard to the Confluence Cloud Beta Version.

Tristan Fong: Yes Lukas, that’s right.

I was really looking for a solution to improve our meetings and our meeting management
Tristan Fong, CEO of Localcoin

Tristan Fong: Ever after I stumbled upon the Meetical App I was hoping it gets available soon for Confluence Cloud. Meetical just seemed to be a very good fit for us, so I was insisting.

Lukas Gotter: Great. Could you tell us, what challenge did you have regarding meetings at Localcoin?

Tristan Fong:

Well before Meetical, we had Confluence and we had Google Calendar but there wasn’t really a link between them.

Every time we had a meeting, we would have to go to Confluence and look through it, go to the right space... find the page or create a new Meeting Notes page and manually entering all the relevant details. The people, the location and certain other items. And what we found was, although we had Confluence no one really used it [for Meeting Notes], because of that lack to create an appropriate Confluence page easily.

It was actually pretty disorganized too. Because after we created a Confluence page we couldn’t reference it back to the meeting; there was no association - we kind a put in the timestamp and the meeting name and try to categorize the meeting minutes. But when we had to refer the notes to the meeting or vice versa it was pretty disorganized and it was hard to find.

Lukas Gotter: How did Meetical change that situation?

Tristan Fong:

After we got Meetical – it has improved our system a lot. Especially with the recurring events and meeting series.

With the click of a button from a meeting in Google Calendar we are able to make a Confluence Meeting Note and apply whatever template we wanted. Plus, we had a direct link from the Calendar to the page. [Please note: Localcoin uses the Confluence Chrome Extension which comes as additional Calendar Add in, as part of the Meetical App.]

After we introduced Meetical, we are able to hold people more accountable for the tasks and all the items from the previous weeks and previous meetings.
Tristan Fong, CEO of Localcoin
Tristan Fong:

Above all, these improvements regard our recurring meetings, like touching base with the team in IT, Operations, Sales and Marketing.

We are now able to refer easily to all meeting notes prior to the meeting. If we have had any meetings before the current one, we have all the discussion items easily accessible.

And at that point, after we introduced Meetical, what I’ve noted is that everyone is accountable for their stuff and we never really miss anything after that. We just have everything recorded, so it was great!

Basically everything is really organized right now. And slowly we are getting more people on it.

The people who use Meetical the most is the executive team of the company, especially myself. It takes time right now to get everyone on board, but for all the people that have used it right now, it has improve the situation greatly and really kept us organized.

Lukas Gotter:

That’s really amazing feedback.

On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely would you recommend Meetical to friends and colleagues?

Tristan Fong: Definitely I would put it on a 9! And the only reason that it’s not a 10 is that there is a couple of additional features that I really want and I mentioned them to Lukas and his team ;) - and beside that I’m a tough guy, its difficult for anything to be a 10 for me so I’ll put it on a 9, but if we would have the extra features - also as an incentive for you Lukas - then it would be a 10.

Lukas Gotter:

Ok can we meet at at 9.5 meanwhile? ... just joking, you made my day!

And to whom would you recommend Meetical to?

Tristan Fong:

Probably it would be some of the business partners we work with. It looks like it could be a good fit. Some other companies that use Confluence and Jira that much are also our competitors. So I don’t know if I want them to have the same edge that we have with Meetical. * Both laughing *

But seriously, any company that has Confluence and Jira I’d recommend it to them, I think it would help them because I do see a lot of things missed sometimes - what we talked about previously: important discussion points and action items get missed. So I think they would benefit from the solution for sure. And for IT service providers I would recommend it too!

Any company that has Confluence and Jira I’d recommend it to them!
Tristan Fong, CEO of Localcoin

Lukas Gotter: Great, thank you so much! I’m sure your feedback will help many other companies to improve their meetings!

Tristan Fong: Thank you too, you’re very welcome!

– This Interview took place on April 24th 2020. -

Localcoin is the the largest Cryptocurrency ATM company in Canada. The company works together with chains and franchises offering their machines in retail locations to give customers the ability to exchange cash for crypto currencies.

Meetical is offering the cutting edge App “Meetical Meetings” to help companies truly excel at meetings, by using Confluence Meeting Notes and the tools customers already have and love.

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After we got Meetical – it has improved our system a lot. Plus, we had a direct link from the Calendar to the meeting page.
Tristan Fong, CEO of Localcoin
Confluence Meetings Notes example
Screenshot: A Confluence Meetings Notes page, linked to a Calendar event. The link to the page is used for quick and easy access to meeting agenda and results. Recurring meetings are grouped and structured and new pages in a series can even be created automatically. The Chrome Extension and Outlook Add in seamlessly integrate the App with existing tools.

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