Create your first smart Meeting Page in Confluence

This guide takes approximately 3 minutes and you will learn how to create your first Meeting page.

You should have successfully installed and setup the Meetical for Confluence Data Center App before following this guide.

First of all find or create a new meeting on your calendar

  • Create a new Meeting in your Calendar or find an existing one in the list.

1. Meetical provides a new integrated Calendar View showing all Your Meetings

  • Click on the Top Menu Item 'Meetings' to reach the integrated Meeting Calendar View
  • Find the Meeting in the List and click on 'Create Page'
  • Choose the Space where you want to create the page
  • Click 'Create Page' to create the meeting page

The page will get created and the title of the meeting will turn into a link.

  • Click the event title link to open the page
  • Inspect the newly created Meeting Page.
  • Click 'Open in Calendar' to see the event in your calendar.
  • Note the link to the page which has been added automatically.
  • In this example we used Google Calendar, but the process is the same for Outlook Calendar.
Note: Meetical also provides direct calendar integration tools.

2. Congratulations, you successfully created and linked your first Meeting Page with Meetical

What to do next?

  • Now try to create meeting pages for recurring meetings and find out how they get automatically structured for you.
  • Change the meeting description, location or date and time on your calendar and see how the Confluence page gets automatically updated for you.
  • Invite a colleague to the meeting and see how his attendance RSVP status gets automatically updated once he confirms or declines.