Welcome to the Meetical Outlook Add-In Quickstart

In this guide we are going to create a Confluence Meeting Page for a Meeting Event.

Make sure, you installed the Meetical Confluence App, completed the first time-setup and installed the Meetical Outlook Add-in.

  • Start the Meetical Outlook Add-In.
  • Open a new or existing event and click on the three dots (...). Then click on "Meetical Outlook Add-in".
  • Click on Add Confluence Page
  • Choose the Confluence Space where to create the page.
  • Optionally, choose a Template. You can use custom page templates or use the default template.
  • Click on Create Page.
  • The page has been created!
  • A Link to the page has been added to the description.
  • You can Send (save) the event now or after editing the confluence page.
  • Any changes to the event are automatically updated to the Confluence page.
  • Open the page and inspect the automatically populated information.

Congratulations, you successfully created a Confluence Meeting Page directly from Outlook.

For questions and feedback please contact support@meetical.io.

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