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For teams and leaders to conquer meetings at scale
  • Calendar Add-ins + Integrated Calendar
  • Automations for recurring meetings
  • New Confluence App with macros, reports and more
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Free for pioneers in companies at any size
  • Create pages with Calendar Add-ins
  • No Confluence Admin required to install
  • Reduced Feature Set

Detailled feature comparison

Cloud Standard
Cloud Free
Calendar Extensions
Browser Extension for seamless integration - Create pages and find pages directly from any calendar event.
Google Calendar Extension
(Chrome / Firefox / Safari*)
Outlook Add-in to create Meeting Notes in Confluence directly from Outlook Calendar. (Microsoft 365 and compatible)
Outlook Add-in (Microsoft 365)
Find meeting notes which you or your colleagues created, directly from any calendar event
Open / find meeting notes from Calendar
unlimited users
unlimited users
Create new Meeting Notes by choosing the space, parent page and template. Directly from the Outlook event!
Create meeting notes
unlimited creators
unlimited creators
Total number of meeting notes (per company / instance!).
Number of meetings per month
100 meetings per month
(per instance/domain)
When information is updated on your calendar, the page is updated as well
Automatic page updates
meeting date, time, location, attendees (including RSVP status)
meeting date, page title
Feature to create meeting notes pages automatically some days in advance. For recurring meetings. Page will get created and linked to the event automatically.
Automations for recurring meetings
An integrated Calendar, to create and access meetings notes. Directly from Confluence. Great  Alternative to the Calendar/Browser Extensions.
Confluence Meeting Calendar
Participants will get mapped to Confluence users and the users will be added as watchers. When the page is update, watchers will be notified.
Notify attendees
Attendees automatically added as watchers
Search meeting notes full text or by a specific property
full text and advanced search
(coming soon)
full text search
Meetical ships with templates for team meetings, tactical meetings, 1-on-1 meetings and more. Those templates can be installed and customized.
Meeting Templates
Amazing templates and new macros included
Default Meeting Template
Meetical supports both global and space templates, to tailor meeting pages to your need and standardize.
Custom Templates
Custom space and global templates
Macros to display meeting info such as date, time, location and attendees. Ability to set the participants RSVP status.
Meeting Macros
8+ new macros
Your meeting data is stored exclusively on your Calendar and Atlassian Cloud (or your DataCenter). Encryption at rest and in transit means that your data is fully encrypted in any situation. Visit for more information!
Your Meeting data on Confluence
Powered by Atlassian’s world-class security  ↗
Outlook Add-in (Microsoft 365) - elit nullam cursus congue viverra. Egestas vestibulum consectetur amet imperdiet facilisi mi quis. Posuere tellus amet ac enim aliquam mattis mi egestas.
Data processing & API tokens
Encryption at rest and in transit means that your data is fully encrypted in any situation. (TLS 1.2, 256-bit AES at rest)
Encryption in transit & at rest
* full encryption at rest coming soon
Basic Support

FAQ Pricing Cloud

The Free Cloud version does not have any time limit. Every 30-day trial of the Standard Version is fully featured.

Looking for Data Center?
Is the Cloud Free version really free?

Yes. And any Confluence user can get started with it, no admin required. But we highly recommend you get started with the free trial of the Standard version to explore the full feature set.

Do I need to install a Confluence App from the Marketplace for the Free version?

No. If you are Confluence Admin, we recommend you start with a free trial of the App. However, for to use the free version you can simply install the Browser Extensions or Outlook Add-in and get started!   

What is the difference between the Standard and Free version?

Installation: The free version does not require admin rights to install a Confluence App. The Standard version needs to be installed by a Confluence Admin once for all users.

Calendar Integration: Both versions integrate with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar / Microsoft 365. The Standard version ships with an additional integrated Confluence Calendar, to access, automate and create Meeting pages.

Features for Meeting pages: Both versions will keep your meeting pages up-to-date automatically and group recurring meetings under a parent page. The free version uses Confluence standard macros for the meeting pages; The Standard App contains additional meeting macros. For example a list of all attendees, quick links to conferencing and to find any previous meetings in a series. Or a macro to show all open action items in a meeting series. The Standard version also maps attendees to actual Confluence users to keep everyone up-to-date.

Automations: Currently only the Standard version allows you to automatically create pages for recurring meetings.

How do I upgrade from free to the Standard version?

Simply install the Meetical Meetings for Confluence App from the Atlassian Marketplace. Once the App is installed, all users on that instance will automatically be upgraded from the Free Version to the Standard version. The links between the event and Confluence pages will continue to work fine when you upgrade from free to Standard.

Some customers report a delay of up to 24hours until the pages get reindexed, since the Standard version users robust metadata for mapping (and the free version needs to rely on labels for technical reasons).

Additionally, for any existing recurring meetings you need to manually put the "recurring master overview macro" on the series parent page, or recreate the page. The macro allows you to change sub page template for new occurrences and activate automations. Or alternatively, use the Internal Calendar which comes with the Standard version! Go to Apps -> Meeting Calendar and open any occurrence.   

What happens to our meeting pages if at some point we stop using Meetical?

Good question. Never happened before. Jokes aside, Meetical is fully committed to keep you in control of your data. Check for details. Meeting data is stored both as regular Text/Markup and as Confluence Content Properties, via official Atlassian APIs. This means even if you uninstall our App, you data stays on your pages. However the metadata, such as meeting location, attendees etc. is displayed and formatted with our macros. If they are not available anymore, this data cannot be visualised anymore.

We offer two solutions for a low one-time fee: a special App, hosted on Atlassian's infrastructure, which renders the metadata and keeps displaying all relevant meeting information. And we can offer you a one-time migration/conversion of the metadata to visible text/markup. Please also note, that some Macros do support being rendered as general Markup out of the box (e.g. generated Participant List). Please reach out to us for further help.

I’m not Confluence Admin, can I still install Meetical Meetings?

Yes you can start with the free version. We recommend you also request a free trial for the Standard App from your Confluence Admin. – Also tell your co-workers to do so, since the Admin will see a counter, telling him or her how many users actually requested the App.

Please note: For both versions you need to be able to install Outlook Add-ins (Microsoft 365) or Chrome/Browser Extensions (Google Calendar). Reach out to us if you need support!

Can we only pay for a subset of user?

Confluence Apps count towards total licensed users for Confluence. The price model decreases significantly with the amount of total users to reflect the fact that only a subset of users will actually use the App. For larger organizations we might be able to offer custom licenses at some point. And if you start with an internal pilot for a single department or division, we might be able to get you started with a custom plan. Please reach out to us!

How do I buy a yearly license (and get 2 months discount per year)?

Please reach out to us via our Support Portal, thank you!

We are an Atlassian Solution Partner or Startup - do you sponsor licenses?

If you are an Atlassian Solution Partner, please reach out to us and we’ll get you a Standard license for internal usage and demos. If you are a Startup less than 2 years in business you can apply for a free Standard license as well.