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Pricing for Confluence Data Center

Looking for Confluence Cloud?

Per year

Larger user tiers
Initial Setup & Consulting

Questions about the plans?

Up to 90 days 100% free trial for your Data Center App!

Do you offer a Data Center version?

Yes! Our App has been approved by Atlassian for Data Center.

We offer a complete behind the firewall solution for Microsoft Exchange based organizations.

For Microsoft 365 and GSuite we do some data processing on our own cloud servers (no storage) and you might need to configure your firewall accordingly. Please visit our learn section and reach out for any questions.

Is Microsoft Exchange supported?

Yes we offer a full on-premise Solution for Data Center & Microsoft Exchange. Currently we offer this version not on the Marketplace. Please reach out to us for initial setup via Support.

Can we run Meetical behind the firewall?

Yes we offer a full on-premise Solution for Data Center & Microsoft Exchange.
For Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, we only offer a hybrid Server/Cloud version at the moment.
Please reach out to us via

Do you support static IP addresses for firewall configuration?

Yes we offer 2 load balanced IP addresses to configure in your firewall. However this comes at an additional cost of 5% yearly license and a small setup fee.

Do you support Cloudflare Service Tokens

Yes, we can set this up with a small additional initial setup fee! See for details. And reach out to Support for pricing and to provide your tokens.

Do you offer a Server version?

Yes. But no new licenses are allowed by Atlassian. We strongly recommend to upgrade to DC or migrate to Cloud.  

Is there a free version for Data Center?

Currently not, but there is a free trial. In any case you need to install the Confluence App. If you are a startup or an Atlassian Solution Partner, please reach out to us and we’ll get you a free license for internal usage.

Will you increase prices in the future?

We try to continue offering a competitive price at all times. We adapt our prices in relation to the Confluence base price. However, we might be able to offer you a price freeze for up to 3 years.