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Meetical enhances both your Calendar and Confluence and helps you with effective project management and productive meetings
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Confluence Chrome Extension - choose space, parent, template and create a page!
Use the Confluence Chrome Extension to create and find Meeting Notes faster (also available as Firefox Add-On)

Google Calendar Browser Extension for Confluence

Meetical integrates seamlessly into your daily project management work. The Confluence App includes a Confluence Chrome Extension or Firefox Add-On to create Meeting pages quickly, directly from your Calendar.

  • Create and share Meeting Notes page in just a few seconds!
  • Choose Space + Parent Page + Template
  • Recurring meetings are automatically grouped under a common parent and reuse previous settings.
  • Manage automation settings directly from the extension
  • New: Personal Task Manager included in the Chrome Extension! Don't forget any action items anymore.

Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Confluence

Meetical comes with an Outlook Add-In for Confluence to create and manage meeting notes directly from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Connect your Outlook Calendar to Confluence (Microsoft 365 and hybrid Outlook Exchange)
  • Choose Space + Template + Parent Page and create a Confluence Meeting Notes page in seconds.
  • Find Confluence Meeting notes pages quickly and manage recurring automation settings directly from Microsoft Outlook.
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Microsoft Outlook Add In for Confluence (Calendar Add-in)

Confluence Calendar App

The new integrated Confluence Calendar will help you to quickly create new Meeting Notes at the right time and find existing meeting pages fast. Avoid switching and searching between Apps and improve your daily meeting management workflow.

  • Connect and integrate Confluence with Google, Outlook Calendar, Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Outlook Exchange (Data Center only)
  • New internal Confluence Calendar for Meetings
  • Create, share and find meeting pages much faster!

Manage Confluence Meeting Notes for your projects from an internal Calendar, fast and easy. Keep track of all your meetings, action items, decisions and stay aligned with your team and stakeholders.

The In-Product Confluence Calendar to manage Meetings
Integrated Confluence Calendar to create meeting notes and manage automation settings
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Great for recurring meetings - automatically create meeting pages!

Automations for recurring meetings

Recurring meetings are among the most challenging parts for meeting management software users.

For recurring meetings and meeting series, Meetical allows you to automatically create and link the meeting notes pages.

Simply turn on automation on the meeting series parent page, on the internal Confluence Meeting Calendar or directly from the Calendar extensions!

A new page for every occurrence will get created automatically for you, just in time usually around 7am in your time zone!

You can decide how many days in advance you want to have the page created. Automate this Confluence Meetings Management task, forget about meeting admin and focus on strategic work instead!

“Prior to Meetical, using Confluence Meeting Minutes really wasn't going to happen, because it was an extra process that was a bit hard. With Meetical, it's close to automatic and it's easy. I recommend it to anyone using Confluence and Jira!”

Meeting Templates for Confluence

Meetical ships with a great set of included meeting templates for team meetings, 1-on-1 meetings, tactical meetings, strategy and executive meetings.

And the full power of Confluence and Jira is just a click away. Quickly create your own Confluence templates in Confluence by modifying the included meeting templates, or copy any template of the huge library of 75+ excellent Confluence templates.

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Meetical has the potential to become your new efficient meeting management system.
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Link the page with the calendar event

When you create a page, Meetical can automatically add a Confluence link to the calendar invite.

All participants will find meeting pages faster to make contributions, access documentation and complete action items.

This makes it easy for everyone to find meeting agenda and page quickly to make contributions.

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Linking the meeting page in the invite becomes easy and part of your process
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Example Confluence meeting notes page created with Meetical in 3 seconds

Always up-to-date meeting pages.

Tired of outdated, incomplete, manually created Meeting Notes in Confluence?

The Meeting Notes you create with Meetical are linked and contain all relevant meeting details, including date, time, location and the participants. Updates on your calendar are automatically synced to Confluence, to keep everything up-to-date. This results in an effortless meeting management approach. Using the tools your already love and know: Jira and Confluence!

Numerous new macros allow you to further customize your meeting pages and templates.


The full power of Confluence and Jira at your hands

Confluence brings you Jira meeting notes and great features out-of-the box to

  • Track action items
  • Create label-based reports for tasks and decisions
  • Integrate Jira reports, diagrams and hundreds of Marketplace Apps

Get the full power of Atlassian Jira and Confluence project management for your meetings!

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