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Meetical For Product Managers & Product Owners

As the head of your product, you need to enable an effective communication architecture. Energy draining conference calls without writtten results and careless meeting design lead to a lack of alignment and ultimately threaten your product’s success. Use Meetical, and put your meetings on autopilot.

Meetical for product managers main image
Meetical for product managers main image

Refinement meetings

As a product manager you’ll run countless ideation, refinement, and pre-planning sessions.

For the delivery stream, results can often go directly to backlogs. But when working in discovery mode, results of meetings with end-users, developers, IT, security, designers, marketers, procurement, and stakeholders must be prepared and documented well.

Spread the knowledge and keep the crowd aligned! Use shared meeting notes, immediate follow-ups and assigned action items to keep all participants engaged.

How Meetical helps Product Managers & POs

  • Meetical drastically reduces the time needed to prepare and share a collaborative meeting agenda.

  • Meetical helps to kick-off every meetings in an asynchronous fashion

  • Meetical significantly reduces the delay between the meeting and sharing the minutes and action items.


Plannings can be seen as the interface meeting between strategy and tactics, discovery and delivery streams.

Instead of throwing things over the fence, tell stories, and connect the dots: mention and link past meeting notes, report open and completed actions, link check-ins with customers and other useful results of past meetings on your backlog items.

How Meetical helps...

  • Foster a culture where people prepare well for meetings

  • Create a shared page page, set and acknowledge on a (sprint) goal and link back to your product and company strategy and OKRs.

“The best thing is that Meetical has helped us to create a better meeting culture. Everyone can contribute to the minutes before a meeting, and automatically see the notes afterwards.”

Reviews and Product Demos

Development teams with high velocity love review meetings (and call them events for a reason).

Reviews are a product owner’s chance to invite real users and other stakeholders and give developers a first-hand feedback on the latest results.

Other product demos are a great opportunity to capture quotes, ideas and pain points to help clarify the ‘why’ behind feature requests and uncover the real painpoints the makers should be aware of.

Capturing feedback fast and in a comprehensive way is essential. Have a shared page prepared and a note taker assigend. Better over-document this meeting instead of risking to miss important feedback. Share a page update fast, after you’ve consolidated the results.

How Meetical helps...

  • Meetical makes it easy to include non-participants, stakeholders and team members without requiring their attendance.

  • Meetical makes it easy for you and all participants to find meeting notes fast

  • Meetical helps you to not forget or loose important feedback from stakeholders


Retrospectives are the most important meeting to foster a culture of continous improvement.

Beside beeing an excellent group therapy, it’s a product managers role to share his thoughts about the sprint performance and bring in strategic viewpoints and customer perspectives.

If teams get the impression they speak over and over about the same things, and cannot improve them, retros quickly become a useless exercise.

Make sure your retros are documented well enough, so you can track action items are record important decisions. Always include a review of previous retros in the current retrospective.

How Meetical helps...

  • Meetical makes it easy to create a collaborative page for simple retrospectives

  • Meetical makes it easy to track results and action items from previous retros, and review those information to avoid that retrospectives turn into useless group therapy (where you speak over and over about the same things)

Check-ins with customers / end users

Regular check-ins with existing customers and new customers who are onboarding to your product can be a gold mine of information.
Feedback from the endusers will both steer your product features in the right direction, as well as motivate your development team.
In your Jira tickets link back to customer check-ins, to create a rich context and transform feature requests into real user stories with context.

How Meetical helps...

  • The voice of customers and end users is important to keep team motivated!

  • Easily record important quotes, complaints and ideas from your customers and share them with your team

  • Use Confluence as a basic CRM and to keep projects on track and customers happy

Strategy meetings

Ideas are great, but a strategy everyone can agree on is better.  As product manager set few, clear goals, prepare data, create a sense of purpose why this session is important and setup a parking lot for important but off-topic discussions. Immediatly after the meetings, communicate results and  decisions.For all this, a shared, collaborative meeting page, is just a great idea.

How Meetical helps...

  • Create great strategy pages with Confluence and link them back in your meeting notes

  • Easily include reports from Jira, or integrate with many other systems like Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Google Cloud with additional Apps

  • Share results of strategy meetings with those who profit from it most

Side Project meetings

Chances are high that beside working hard on your product, you’ll run different side-projects as well.

Wheter it’s a new landing page, an event, an important demo; Be aware of the project management part, and the imporant project meetings you’ll need to keep track off. So that such initiatives stay a side-project and allow you to spend your time on product and strategic topics.

How Meetical helps...

  • Keep projects on track by always attaching an agenda to every recurring meetings (thanks to automatic page creation!)

  • Keep people accountable by recording important decisions and action items

  • Help people find things more easily thanks to the automatic linking of Confluence pages and Calendar events

Cross-functional meetings

When your organization grows, you need to align cross-departement and along multiple teams.

It’s vital to have both a good meeting preparation and documentation practice for such meetings. You’ll need to highlight why other leaders and experts need to join your meetings.

Teams who need to collaborate and meet to make products successful: Cross-team SQA Engineers, InfoSec, IT Security, HR, Sales, Marketing - and yes, the C-level colleagues as well.

How Meetical helps...

  • Create a shared meeting page on Confluence and foster cross-department, cross-functional collaboration, by kicking-off all things supported by a great meeting page

  • Meetical can help your teams embrace a more efficient way for knowledge management across teams and departements

Are you ready for faster, hassle-free and automated Meeting Notes?