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Frequently asked questions for Meetical Meetings for Confluence


Is there a free version?

For organizations with less than 10 users, Meetical Meetings is free.

We previously had a free version for everyone, however, it had very limited features and you couldn’t harness it’s productivity potential. We discontinued the limited version to focus on the main Meetical version.

If you are unsure if this app is a good fit for your company, you can start a free 30-day trial before purchasing. To do this, just visit the Atlassian Marketplace.

How much does Meetical Meetings for Confluence cost?

To calculate how much it would cost for your organisation, please visit Atlassian Marketplace.

How do I buy a yearly license (and get 2 months discount per year)?

In order to buy a yearly license, your Atlassian product licenses need to switch to yearly too. You will the 2 months free every year. Please reach out to us via our Support Portal for further questions!

Can we only pay for a subset of users?

Confluence Apps count towards total licensed users for Confluence. The price model decreases significantly with the amount of total users to reflect the fact that only a subset of users will actually use the App. For larger organizations we might be able to offer custom licenses at some point. And if you start with an internal pilot for a single department or division, we might be able to get you started with a custom plan. Please reach out to us!

Only a small fraction of users of a big instance is using the product, do we get discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for the first year if reasonable, to help expand the product. Furthermore, we can discuss custom packages for instances over 1000 users.

We are an Atlassian Solution Partner - do you sponsor licenses?

If you are an Atlassian Solution Partner, please reach out to us and we’ll get you a Standard license for internal usage and demos. For reseller discounts, please reach out to us as well.


Do all meeting participants need to install Meetical?

Not all participants are required to install the extensions or connect their account, only those who want to create the meeting page. And those who want a convenient link to that page directly from their calendar. However, such a link is also usually added automatically by the meeting creator. It’s also not needed to track RSVP statutes automatically since the meeting organizer’s calendar should have that information.

What is the best starting point for Confluence Admins and Power Users?
I’m not Confluence Admin, can I still install Meetical Meetings?

A Confluence Admin is required to install the app once for every user. To request the app, simply click on "Try it free" and follow the steps. Also tell your co-workers to do so, since the Admin will see a counter, telling him or her how many users actually requested the App. Please note: Depending on your organisation you also need extra permissions to install Outlook Add-ins (Microsoft 365) or Chrome/Browser Extensions (Google Calendar). Ask your Office admin when in doubt and reach out to us if you need support!

Can I move the meeting pages to a different location?

Yes, you can move pages wherever you want and all macros should continue to work fine. All meeting data is stored on the page and as content properties. Both recurring and single meetings can be moved.

I do not want to add the Confluence page link to the meeting description, how can I deactivate it?

You can deactivate the “add page link” feature in various situations when creating a page. Simply uncheck the option in the create-page user interface.

However when Meetical auto-creates a page, or when you create additional meetings in existing meeting series, the link will still be added by default. To disable this, you can deactivate that feature globally for your user:

Please note that when you are using the Confluence Chrome Extension or Confluence Outlook Add-in, in Edit mode the link will still be added. But you can remove it manually from the description.

Why can’t I see the templates I created in the dropdown list?

The reason could be that you forgot to add the label “meetical-template” on the template you created.

What happens to our meeting pages if at some point we stop using Meetical?

Meeting data is stored both as regular Text/Markup and as Confluence Content Properties, via official Atlassian APIs. This means even if you uninstall our App, you data stays on your pages. However the metadata, such as meeting location, attendees etc. is displayed and formatted with our macros. If they are not available anymore, this data cannot be visualised anymore and you will se an error like "macro not found". We offer two solutions for a low one-time fee: a special App, hosted on Atlassian's infrastructure, which renders the metadata and keeps displaying all relevant meeting information. And we can offer you a one-time migration/conversion of the metadata to visible text/markup. Please also note, that some Macros do support being rendered as general Markup out of the box (e.g. generated Participant List). Please reach out to us for further help.

Is the Browser Extension only for Google users?

While the extension offers many features for Google Calendar only, the popup to Search and the Task Manager can be used by all users, including Microsoft 365.

And you can install the extension on any Chromium-based browser, including Microsoft Edge. Here is how to install the browser extension on Edge.

The Chrome Extension is recommended for all users on both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Can I use the Meetical REST Api for my own scripts?

You can, but please reach out to us in order to make sure you use a versioned API that does not break in the future. Currently, there is no official API documentation but we could provide you with the full API docs.