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Meetical For Confluence Project Management

Projects are challenging. A lack of communication and accountablity can threaten your project’s success. With Meetical, running effective meetings and maintaining great relationships with stakeholders and the project team just became much easier.

Meetical for Project managers main image
Meetical for Project managers main image

Kick-off Meeting

Successful projects start with a great kick-off meeting, including all stakeholders and the project team. The only meeting where project managers should invite better more than less people.

Establish clear roles and an effective communication architecture right from the start with a kick-off meeting!

Use Confluence & Meetical to share a great agenda beforehand with 5-second introductions, the project’s purpose, key challenges, and include those whe missed the event.

How Meetical with Project Management

  • Meetical drastically reduces the time needed to prepare and share an agenda for the whole project team

  • Automatically includes all participants, emails, RSVP status on a concise, shared Confluence meeting page

  • Meetical significantly reduces the delay between the meeting and sharing the minutes and action items.

Project Status Meeting

Project status meetings with Confluence without proper preparation can be one of the biggest time wasters in projects. They can drain the energy level of the whole team if attendees don’t feel productive. This also applies to status meetings between project managers and directors/sponsors.

Written status report as preparation task will help to keep this type of meeting effective. See your status meeting not as a reporting marathon but as a quick huddle to address impediments and socialize with your team.

Share a Confluence page with the team to get status reports asyncronously. Use the meeting itself only to adresss challenges and - for drinking coffee, perhaps.


  • Keep status meetings short by requesting a written summary of everybody with a shared meeting page.

  • Meetical helps you start every meeting in an asynchronous fashion to gather input and clarify goals

  • Meetical helps participants to sort their thoughts and provide a clear written status; also very valuable for any absent team members

  • Status meeting pages can be easily shared with people beyond the attendee list to ask for their inputs

Project Team Meeting

Keeping the project team up-to-date with everything is hard. This is how our Confluence Project Management App can help.

A regular project team meeting will help align all members and solve though problems together.

Sharing an agenda and focussing on discussions vs. information sharing only is vital to foster collaboration and come up with ideal solutions. A Confluence page will do a great job for this.


  • Meetical allows you to quickly create and share a Confluence page before the meeting to get everybody’s input.

  • Meetical helps participants to sort their thoughts and provide a clear written status; also very valuable for any absent team members

  • Status meeting pages can be easiliy shared with people beyond the attendee list. Ask for their inputs.

Meetings with Stakeholders

Whether you engage with stakeholders individually or in groups, your job as project manager is to get buy-in and support. And to inform your team about different perspectives from different stakeholders!

How Meetical helps...

  • Meetical makes it easy to transparently record action items and input from stakeholders to bring this back to the team!

  • An effective meeting culture will keep projects on track and stakeholders on the same page.

"My note keeping has become much better structured, and my stakeholders are impressed with how quickly I can retrace action items and decisions."

Steering Meetings

Stakeholders and managers usually care about progress and cost of your project. Make sure you distribute good minutes of the meeting including project plan updates, cost updates, traffic light indicators, major achievements, work in progress and next steps and any major challenges arising.

You can prepare all this on a Confluence meeting page, share it and use the meeting to focus on the most challenging topics without loosing time on the basics.

How Meetical helps...

  • Meetical integrates perfectly with Jira, allowing you to link initiative, epics and all sorts of issue reports

  • Meetical makes it easy to prepare steering meetings and report to stakeholders

End Project Meetings / post-mortem

Every great (and not so great) project deserves a post-project meeting. Ultimately this is an opportunity for every project manager to summarize lessons learned and to celebrate success!

Make sure to create a Confluence page to share knowledge, mention outstanding contributions and ultimatly gain visiblity for learnings and your project team’s success.

How Meetical helps...

  • Meetical contributes to an ever learning organisation and superior knowledge management

  • Confluence meeting notes make it easy to include stakeholders and specialists before and after the meeting, without requiring their attendance

“My focus was finding a tool that made a Confluence Meeting Notes work and this does!”

Are you ready for faster Confluence Project Management?