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Tired of manually creating meeting minutes in Confluence?

Create Meeting Pages in Confluence from your Calendar!

Enough time spent searching for incomplete meeting notes in Confluence?

Enjoy direct access links, consistent naming, reliable information and automatic updates!


Benefits & Features
  • Save time and quickly turn any meeting in your Calendar into a Confluence Page.
  • Key Feature Create Meeting Pages fast, directly from Google Calendar with the Meetical Chrome Extension for Google Calendar and the Outlook Add-in for Office 365
  • Automatically link calendar event end Confluence page for quick access, to gather input from participants and prepare meetings well.
  • Avoid any manual copy-paste effort of date, location, attendees...
  • Prepare and manage complete meeting series for recurring meetings in minutes instead of hours
  • Automatically copy and sync meeting details
During the Meeting
  • Quickly create ad-hoc meeting minutes from any calendar event.
  • Have a Confluence Page always ready when the Meeting starts. Or create a new up-to-date page in seconds.
  • Key Feature Create and use Custom Meeting Templates by using our Meeting Info Macros.
  • Automatically document attendee lists including their RSVP status️
  • Helps you to avoid duplicate pages for same event
  • Encourages collaborative note taking during the meeting
  • Key Feature Significantly reduce manual effort to create professional meeting minutes, protocols and follow-ups
  • Faster follow-ups: Send professional and complete meeting minutes timely because of greatly reduced post-processing effort
  • Make it easier to get post-meeting feedback from missing attendees and other stakeholders
  • Help everyone to find meeting pages faster with standardized naming, structured recurring meetings and automatically linking the page with the event.