A better meeting workflow

Create, link and automate Confluence Meeting Notes!

Meeting Preparation
  • Save time and quickly turn any meeting in your Calendar into a Confluence Meeting Notes Page.
  • Automatically link calendar event end Confluence Meeting Notes page for quick access, to gather input from participants and prepare meetings well.
  • Key Feature Includes a Confluence Chrome Extension for Google Calendar: create Meeting Pages fast, without switching tools, directly from Google Calendar.
  • Key Feature Use our great Outlook Calendar Add-in for Office 365 to make your meeting workflow more effective.
  • Use a new integrated Confluence Calendar to manage Meetings.
  • Avoid any manual copy-paste effort of date, location, attendees...
  • Prepare and manage complete meeting series for recurring meetings in minutes instead of hours
  • New Completely automate the preparation of a meeting pages for recurring meetings.
During the Meeting
  • Quickly create ad-hoc meeting minutes from any calendar event.
  • Have a Confluence Page always ready when the Meeting starts. Or create a new up-to-date page in seconds.
  • Key Feature Create and use Custom Meeting Templates by using our Meeting Info Macros.
  • New Use and adapt 5+ amazing included Confluence meeting templates for team meetings, strategic meetings, tactical meetings, 1-on-1 meetings and more...
  • Automatically document attendee lists including their RSVP status️
  • Helps you to avoid duplicate pages for same event
  • Encourages collaborative note taking during the meeting
Meeting Documentation
  • Key Feature Significantly reduce manual effort to create professional Confluence meeting notes, protocols and follow-ups
  • Faster follow-ups: Send professional and complete Confluence meeting notes timely because of greatly reduced post-processing effort
  • Make it easier to get post-meeting feedback from missing attendees and other stakeholders
  • Help everyone to find Confluence meeting notes pages faster with standardized naming, structured recurring meetings and automatically linking the page with the event.
  • New Use our meeting rating macros, to find out if your meetings are effective and engaging.
Build on top of Confluence and your Calendar


Meetical enhances both your Calendar and Confluence and turns the tools you already use and love into a professional Meeting Management system.

Calendar Add in for Google Calendar

Meetical integrates seamlessly into your daily work. The Confluence App includes a Confluence Chrome Extension to create Meeting pages quickly, directly from your Calendar.

Create a Meeting Notes page in just a few seconds!

Avoid switching tools and create a meetings page together with the invite.

Confluence Chrome Extension to create and find Meeting Notes fast - Click to enlarge

Outlook Add-in for Confluence

Meetical comes with an Outlook Add-In for Confluence. Connect your Outlook Calendar on Microsoft 365 and compatible hybrid Outlook Exchange setups.

Choose Space + Template and create a Confluence Meeting Notes page in seconds.

Create Confluence Meeting notes pages quickly, directly from Microsoft Outlook.


Outlook Calendar Add In - Click to enlarge

Confluence Meeting Notes, simplified.

Tired of outdated, incomplete, manually created Meeting Notes in Confluence?

The Meeting Notes you create with Meetical are linked and contain all relevant meeting details, like date, time, location and the participants. Updates on your calendar are automatically synced to Confluence, to keep everything up-to-date.

Numerous new macros allow you to further customize your meeting pages and templates.


Example Confluence meeting notes page created with Meetical in 3 seconds - Click to enlarge


The integrated Meeting Calendar (Cloud Version) - Click to enlarge

New integrated Confluence Calendar

Create Confluence Meeting notes fast and easy. Keep track of all your meetings and stay aligned with your team and stakeholders.

  • Connect your Google Calendar
  • Connect your Outlook Calendar / Office 365
  • Create + link + find meeting pages much faster!

The new Confluence Calendar will help you to quickly create new Meeting Notes at the right time and find existing meeting pages fast. Avoid switching and searching between Apps and improve your daily meeting workflow.

Work even faster with the included Calendar Add ins: A Confluence Chrome extension for Google Calendar or the Confluence Outlook Calendar Add-in for Microsoft 365. (See below for details)

Add a link to the meeting page to your invites, automatically

When you create a page, Meetical can automatically add a Confluence link to the calendar invite.

Everybody will find meeting pages faster to access documentation and action items.

This makes it easy for everyone to find meeting agenda and page quickly to make contributions.


Linking the meeting page in the invite becomes easy and part of your process - Click to enlarge

Prepare recurring meetings fast

New You can now completely automate the creation of Confluence meeting notes pages for recurring meetings.

Recurring meetings are automatically grouped and new meetings will use the same Confluence meeting template.

New Confluence meeting notes page in meeting series automatically detect the correct parent page and the page template to use.


Great for recurring meetings - Click to view video

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Confluence Meeting Notes templates

New on Cloud Meetical ships with a great default template, plus templates for team meetings, 1-on-1 meetings, tactical meetings, strategy and executive meetings.

And the power of Confluence is just a click away. Quickly create your own meeting templates by modifying the included Confluence meeting templates, or copy any template of the huge library of 75+ excellent Confluence templates.

The full power of Confluence and Jira at your hands

Confluence brings you great features out-of-the box to

  • track action items
  • create label-based reports for tasks and decisions
  • integrate Diagrams, Mindmaps and hundreds of other Apps

Get the full power Atlassian Confluence and Jira for your meetings!

Meeting Champions

Success stories and reviews

Meetical changed the way we manage and run our business.

Tristan Fong - Co-Founder of Localcoin
Tristan Fong - Co-Founder & CEO of Localcoin

Meetical helps me a lot as CEO, because it simplifies our meeting process and saves us all valuable time!

Andreas Haaken - CEO of Aptis GmbH
Andreas Haaken - CEO of Aptis GmbH (Atlassian Solution Partner)

After we got Meetical I've noticed that Confluence usage in general increased significantly in my team. Because it's much simpler now.

Astrid Sieben - Project Lead at Aptis GmbH

If someone wants to improve the use of minute taking in a pretty painless way: 10 out of 10. Assuming you're using Confluence. Yeah, I would absolutely recommend it!

Tanya Fraser - Digital Projects & Creative Operations Specialist at Croomo
Tanya Fraser - Digital Projects & Creative Operations Specialist at Croomo Pty Ltd

How Does It Work?

Meetical for Confluence helps you to turn Calendar events into Confluence Pages. Simple and fast.

Meetical Confluence Google Calendar Screenshot

Enhance, simplify and automate Confluence Meeting Notes - improve your meeting workflow!

  1. 1
    Connect your Calendar with Confluence

    With Meetical you can connect your Calendar and Confluence with a few clicks. Simple, secure and reliable with OAuth industry standard security and SSL Encryption.

    All sensitive operative data is exclusively stored on your Confluence. On-premise or on the Atlassian Cloud.

  2. 2
    Create pages for Confluence meeting events quickly

    For any event in your Calendar you can quickly create a meeting page in Confluence. No more manual copy-paste needed for meeting minutes. All event details are copied automatically.

    Use the Confluence Chrome Extension for Google Calendar or the Microsoft Outlook Calendar Add-in to create Meeting pages directly from your Calendar.

    Additionally you can use a new integrated Confluence Calendar, which is directly integrated in Confluence.

  3. 3
    Link the page and stay up-to-date

    The link to the meeting page is automatically added to the Calendar event's description for quick and easy access.

    Any changes in your Calendar to the meeting, like date, time, location, description, attendees and their RSVP status are kept in sync with the meeting page.

  4. 4
    Integrated in your daily work

    Why would you want an additional meeting notes app when you can have your Meeting Notes in Confluence?

    Make Confluence Meetings Notes easy by integrating it with your Calendar.

    For recurring meetings, meeting notes can be created with a single click, or New completely automated, creating the page some days in advance, by reusing the same template and parent as the previous meeting.


Supported Calendars and Confluence Versions

Meetical supports Confluence Server, Confluence Cloud. As Calendar Providers you can use both Google Calendar and Outlook Office 365.

Ready for better, automated Confluence Meeting Notes?

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