Tired of copy-pasting meeting information from your Calendar to your Confluence, and searching for partially outdated meeting pages in Confluence?

Create, sync and manage Meeting Pages in Confluence from your Calendar!


Benefits & Features
  • Save time and quickly turn any meeting in your Calendar into a Confluence Page. Avoid any manual copy-paste effort of date, location, attendees...
  • Prepare and manage complete meeting series for recurring meetings in minutes instead of hours
  • Better data quality: Automatically copy and sync all meeting details
  • Better organized: Automatically link the page in the Calendar invite and share an agenda page with your team to gather input
During the Meeting
  • Make a great first impression in front of colleagues and customers as efficient and well prepared meeting organizer
  • Have a Confluence Page always ready when the Meeting starts. Or create a new up-to-date page in seconds.
  • Automatically document attendee lists including their RSVP status️
  • Helps you to avoid duplicate pages for same event
  • Encourages collaborative note taking during the meeting
  • Significantly reduce manual effort to create protocols and follow-ups
  • Faster follow-ups: Send professional and complete meeting minutes timely because of greatly reduced post-processing effort
  • (coming soon) Use our feedback tools to rate and improve your meetings
  • Make it easier to get post-meeting feedback from missing attendees and other stakeholders