Careers at Meetical

Meetical is on its mission to simplify work life and meetings for thousands of organizations and millions of users.

We help both makers and managers to have effective meetings and free up more time to focus on deep and strategic work, while staying engaged and aligned with their team. Our main product is the Meeting Management App "Meetical Meetings" for Atlassian Confluence.

Working at Meetical is a very varied experience and every day an opportunity to learn new things and solve technical challenges. Our team is fully remote, small and effective, so you will get insights into our whole set of Apps, ranging from stand-alone Web Applications, Atlassian Connect Apps (Spring Boot / React), Atlassian Java Apps (Atlassian SDK), a Chrome/Firefox Extension, an Outlook Add-in (Javascript / NodeJS) and yet-to-be-created new Apps and Integrations. Furthermore, you will be able to really own your work, shape the solutions, get direct customer feedback and have end-to-end responsibility and reputation of your work.

Our work attitude and philosophy follows these five core values.

Authenticity: Be yourself while acting with courage and respect. Passion & Mastery: Strive to achieve mastery on soft and technical skills. Trust & Reliability: Keep your commitments and communicate actively when plans change. Agile for real: Stand strong for getting early and direct end-user feedback, work iteratively, incrementally, and validate ideas and hypotheses quickly. Sympathy: Understand other individuals, make them feel comfortable and put a smile on their face.

Nothing for you in our open positions and still think you're a good fit for our team? We'd love to receive your application! Write us at