It’s time for the biggest Atlassian gathering of the year! We are happy to announce we’ll again be at TEAM24 - if you did miss our talks last year, check the meeting management talk from our Founder & CEO Lukas Gotter on YouTube, as well as the talk about successful Atlassian integration apps.

We’re excited to be back this year, also hosting a booth together with our partners and investor Atlassian Ventures! This year started amazingly with our Silver Partner Status Upgrade, and it only gets better!

Join us for our Tuesday Highlight on April 30, 7pm - 8pm PSD, with a product demo by Lukas Gotter and Q&A session! We'll also be around on Wednesday 8am - 11am.

Update: Thank you all for visiting us at our booth and for an amazing conference this year! Truly humbled by your feedback and seeing our newest app grow so quickly.

Meetical booth at the TEAM24 conference. Meetical Ambassador Florian Bauer (left), Founder/CEO Lukas Gotter (right)

Our slogan this year is “Tired about pointless meetings and chaotic deadlines?”. This line emphasises the main problem areas our first and our newest app helps to drastically improve!

Tired of pointless meetings?

A meeting without an agenda is many times not worth the time invested. How can you even decide if your presence is required if you don’t know what the discussion points are? Literally, a pointless meeting should be turned into a Confluence page with discussion points and then action points, decisions and tasks. We’ve shipped exciting upgrades to the Meeting Productivity App: Meetical Meetings, including the feature to restrict page access to meeting participants only.

Meetical's flyer and slogan for the TEAM24 conference

And we’ll continue to improve Meetical Meetings even further! In the pipeline there is the ability to choose a brand new single-page mode for recurring meetings with smart macros. Since one of Meetical’s goals is to keep Information on Confluence organised and consistent, customers highly requested this option to track meeting series which are high in personal touch and often have only a few action items as result.

In addition, we’re working on a concept to automatically carry over discussion points from previous meetings, really great for those bi-weekly updates with the endless agendas with discussion items re-prioritised on every encounter.

Last but not least stay tuned for another incredible feature update: - some might have guessed it - an artificial intelligence powered ability. We’re working on a BETA for AI Meeting Series Summaries! It utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically generate summaries for meetings series. As a series progresses, the series summary will also update. A great way to keep stakeholders up-to-date and allow users to quickly catch up on missed details and get an overview of the entire series. Additionally, we want to include a traffic light status system—red, yellow, green—to visually indicate the progress and status of a meeting series or even a discussion around a certain customer in customer success. This tool is particularly useful for executives and team members who need to stay informed about ongoing projects or discussions without reviewing each meeting in detail.

Meetical Meetings Feature Highlights Overview

Check out Meetical Meetings on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Now let’s talk NEW APPS!

Lost in Jira/Confluence Task Chaos?

Ever missed a Confluence tasks because it’s hidden on some page? Ever wanted to create a consolidated task report for you team to look at during daily or weekly meetings? We have a currently 100% free app to help you track action items from Confluence directly on your Jira Dashboard. No more missed task, unclear responsibilities and imbalance in work distribution!

Task Reports Feature Highlights Overview

Consolidated Task Tracking across Jira and Confluence with Task Reports for Jira! And it ships with a feature to embed any Confluence page, a Confluence calendar, Confluence Reports directly on a Jira Dashboard, by fully respecting the permissions on restrictions you set. No additional configuration required. We’ve yet to decide if the app can stay free, but will ship it at a competitive price with generous grace periods. If you need more info, reach out to me.

Our next app was an underdog, until it took off by itself and now helps almost 1000 companies worldwide to manage issue and release deadlines on both a very personal level, but also on a global level, as an app with the potential to skyrocket coordination and visibility of deadlines for both internal and external stakeholders: Easy Calendar for Jira!

Tired of chaotic deadlines? Get ready to boost Jira visibility and coordination with our new app!

Ever had to answer over and over again, when a scheduled maintenance takes place, or you forgot an important event yourself? Ever missed the deadline of one of your Jira tasks you’re assigned or you’re watching? Ever wanted to see timelines for releases, changes, tasks and issues on a consolidated calendar? I’m not talking about any calendar, but a calendar people actually look at, or even your personal calendar! Look no further.

Easy Calendar for Jira - A suprisingly powerful calendar app for Jira!

Easy Calendar for Jira is our new app, and was just to a fully supported paid plan, alongside the feature to create both personal and global calendar subscription for Jira issues and releases.

The app allows you to create your own personal calendar subscription. It couldn’t be easier to start: You simply click on the “star this issue” in the issue side panel, copy the subscription URL and paste it into your calendar. And voilá the issue is on your calendar. In addition you can configure the subscription to use any Jira filter such as “issues reported by me” or “issues assigned to me”. It supports all built in date fields, and all customer fields of type date and time. Datetimes are timezone aware to help you seamlessly work across time zones, from anywhere, andwith anyone in the world!

In addition you can subscribe to releases on any project, or multiple projects.

If you want to share a subscription with your internal or external colleagues, you can use Global Subscriptions. This new feature allows you to share subscriptions with internal and external colleagues. Or plug-in the calendar subscription to a Jira Dashboard Calendar Gadget, or any other company calendar which supports the iCal format!

With the paid plan we also invested in security and compliance! It runs 100% on Atlassian’s infrastructure with Forge, it is part of the Cloud Security Program, uses BugCrowd to uncover security issues and has built in security controls to deactivate subscriptions if a user gets deactivated. Last but not least it will soon feature Data Residency to keep you data close to you!

We’d be more than happy to see you at the conference, and if you can’t attend, don’t miss the online version and stay tuned for many great posts on LinkedIN and other channels.

– The future is bright for Meetical and our existing customers! We’d be thrilled to welcome many new customers this year to boost their productivity and coordination with our apps and solutions!

Lukas Gotter

Founder & CEO of Meetical

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