Ricksoft, Inc. creates Atlassian apps that help teams manage projects and content more easily. They are part of Ricksoft Japan, one of the top Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners in Japan. At present, over 1,400 innovation leaders around the world trust Ricksoft apps in the Atlassian ecosystem. 

One of their well known Apps is the WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira, which helps customers like Yahoo! JAPAN, to effectively manage projects. 


When it came to managing meeting notes, Ricksoft themselves needed a solution that made Confluence easier and more effective to use. 

One of the problems is meeting notes in Confluence need to be entered manually. Everything from the names of those who took part, to the dates and locations of every meeting. Which means it’s not a naturally easy tool to use, adding an extra layer of admin and work to every meeting.  


Sean Osawa, CEO and Director of Ricksoft Inc., first saw Meetical for Confluence at CodeGeist! Meetical was the #1 Gran Price Winner, as Atlassian's famous Hackathon. Sean immediately liked the App and started using it.

Straight away, Ricksoft was able to save time setting meetings up. There was no need to input everything manually, such as names, dates, locations, and with the templates, even the meeting agendas could be pre-populated. 

Plus it was instantly easier to integrate this solution with other calendar apps. This makes it easier for meeting attendees to find the meetings page, and add items to the agenda themselves. It also kicks-off the meeting in an asynchronous way. This allows participants to immediately start working on preparation tasks and even resolve agenda items altogether, before the meeting starts. 


Not only has Meetical for Confluence saved the Ricksoft team time. Which in itself is a valuable outcome in any business, making projects run more efficiently. It has also saved time with meeting notes, given they're automatic and can be shared with everyone straight away. 

It has also made it possible for the Ricksoft team to develop more of a mindful meeting culture. Everyone can contribute to agendas. Meetings run more smoothly, ensuring everyone is operating at a higher-level, spending less time doing admin, and working more effectively together. 

Ricksoft testimonial: Meetical for Confluence

“I would definitely recommend Meetical for Confluence, for anyone within the Atlassian ecosystem, trying to find a more effective meeting tool.
“The best thing is that Meetical has helped us to create a better meeting culture. Everyone can contribute to the minutes before a meeting, and automatically see the notes afterwards. – Sean Osawa, CEO and Director, Ricksoft Inc.

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