CloudHesive is a cloud-based technology company and Amazon Premiere Partner, founded in 2014, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with 5 other offices across North and South America. 

CloudHesive was founded by cloud industry veterans. They help clients adapt and transform their organizations by leveraging the power of the public cloud ecosystem through consulting and next generation managed services. Focus areas are Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimisation. 

Unfortunately, when it came to operational efficiency within their own company, note-taking and meeting apps were letting them down. In this case study, we look at how CloudHesive benefited from using Meetical Meetings for Confluence to align customers and projects. 


In an attempt to become more organised internally and work with clients more effectively, CloudHesive had recently started using Confluence for meetings. Internal meetings and client-facing ones. 

To keep every client project on-track and provide excellent service, project managers meet with clients, usually every week. Project managers work directly with the professional services team, which also involves weekly recurring meetings, to keep various client projects running smoothly. 

Different team members were using a range of solutions, which made things more difficult. Plus in Confluence, it’s necessary to manually move attendees and meeting details over from the calendar invite. Adding extra work to those organising meetings. 

With CloudHesive relying on meetings for project management and client relations, a solution needed to be found to improve note-taking.  


CloudHesive were looking for a solution within Confluence that would help them to centralise, standardise, and enhance their note-taking in Confluence. 

“The main advantages of Meetical are efficiency and standardisation. Instead of people using different systems, causing a risk of information being missed and details overlooked, everyone is on the same page." – Chad Conant, Customer Success Manager at CloudHesive 

A simple button to create Meeting Notes from Outlook, like for OneNote, but for Confluence was on their wish list.

Straight away, CloudHesive saved time with the Meetical Outlook Add-in.

Everything could be automated, and made simpler. 


Project Managers now can create a Confluence page in seconds, from any Outlook Calendar event! And they don't have to manually move attendees and meeting details over from Outlook to Confluence.

Furthermore, information such as date, time, location and attendees are automatically synced between Confluence and Calendar.

CloudHesive has saved time creating meetings, with everything in one place. Crucially, when it comes to meeting notes, these are automated too. It's saved the team time and work, and the CEO has approved budget spend following a trial beta period. 

Several project managers are using it so far, and its use is starting to spread through the company. The integration between Outlook and Confluence offered by Meetical is making it a valuable tool for everyone who starts using it, especially when it comes to planning meetings and note taking. 

Once notes have been taken, they're shared as a PDF with the team. Plus, using public links, and another app — External Share for Confluence — meeting notes are shared with clients, which looks more professional. 

CloudHesive testimonial: Meetical for Confluence

“Now that we've paired Meetical with Confluence, we've standardised note-taking. And the integration between Outlook and Confluence makes it much easier to take notes and then store those notes for easy access.” – Chad Conant, Customer Success Manager at CloudHesive 

“These tools really add a professional level to how we interact with our customers. Justifying the budget meant conveying to the CEO the value of Meetical and how ultimately, it would probably even save our company money. When we're talking efficiency, like we mentioned before, Meetical does offer great value.” –Heath Jones, Director of Service Delivery & Compliance, CloudHesive

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