In today's fast-paced work environment, efficient communication and streamlined workflows are crucial for success. To help teams optimize their processes, we are thrilled to announce the launch of four new templates equipped with our cutting-edge automation feature. These templates are designed to enhance collaboration, save time, and foster a culture of productivity. Join us as we explore each template's features and how they can revolutionize your team's workflow.

Our Meetical Meetings for Confluence Calendar App already includes a number of great templates. You can install and customize them as described here. Also check our guide on how to create Confluence templates, if you are new to this topic.

All of these templates are populated directly from your Outlook or Google Calendar!

1) Async Status Meeting Template

Efficiently keeping everyone informed about project progress can be a daunting task, especially when team members are distributed across different time zones or have busy schedules. Our new Async Status Meeting Template simplifies this process by providing a structured format for asynchronous communication.

Async Status Meeting Template for Confluence

With predefined sections for agenda items, updates, blockers, and action items, team members can quickly provide status updates and address any challenges they may be facing. The template's automation feature makes it even more powerful by automatically creating pages for each meeting, ensuring that updates are easily accessible and well-organized.

2) Daily Standup Template

Daily standup meetings are a common practice for agile teams, enabling them to synchronize efforts and align priorities. Our Daily Standup Template for Confluence takes this practice to the next level by providing a standardized format for teams to share progress, discuss roadblocks, and coordinate tasks.

Daily Standup Template for Confluence

The template guides team members through key questions such as "What did you accomplish yesterday?" and "What are you planning to work on today?" This structured approach promotes transparency, accountability, and fosters a sense of camaraderie. Furthermore, the automation feature allows for effortless page creation, ensuring that important updates are not lost in the daily hustle.

Here is an example of the template in action:

Confluence daily standup template in action

3) Project Kick-Off Template

Starting a new project can be overwhelming, with various stakeholders involved and multiple moving parts to coordinate. Our Project Kick-Off Template simplifies the process by providing a comprehensive framework to align goals, roles, and expectations right from the start.

Project Kick-Off Template for Confluence

The template includes sections for project objectives, deliverables, milestones, and team member responsibilities. Moreove the template include a Project RACI matrix. A very effective tool for project managers to define the responsibility of team members, and their "role" for each deliverable/activity. Assign a clear tag for each member: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, or Informed.

By using the project kick-off template, teams can efficiently document and reference crucial information throughout the project lifecycle. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and promotes a shared understanding of project goals and timelines.

4) Retrospective Template

Continuous improvement is essential for high-performing teams. Our Retrospective Template facilitates a structured reflection process, allowing teams to identify what went well, areas for improvement, and actionable steps to enhance future performance.

Retrospective Template for Confluence

The template provides dedicated sections for positive outcomes, areas of concern, and action items. By automating the creation of retrospective pages, teams can document valuable insights and track progress over time. This template encourages a culture of learning, growth, and collaboration within the team.


Incorporating our four new templates, along with the power of automation, can significantly enhance your team's productivity, collaboration, and overall efficiency. From asynchronous status meetings to daily standups, project kick-offs, and retrospectives, these templates provide a structured framework for effective communication and streamlined workflows.

Embrace our new templates and automation feature to supercharge your team's productivity.!

Give your team the advantage of automated page creation, ensuring that valuable updates and insights are captured and easily accessible. Whether you're a remote team or working in a traditional office setting, these templates will help your team thrive by promoting transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. Say goodbye to manual page creation and hello to enhanced productivity with our new templates and automation feature.

Install the new templates, or if you are new to Meetical, get started on the Atlassian Marketplace.