Meetical has improved our meeting system a lot. Plus, we had a direct link from the Calendar to the meeting page. – Tristan Fong, Founder & CEO at Localcoin

Localcoin is a leading crypto-based FinTech company, with a network of over 500 Bitcoin ATM’s, a flexible digital currency trading desk, and Canada's only Prepaid Visa Bitcoin Card. 

As a Canadian company, based in Toronto, Ontario, the ATM network started off in that province and has spread West and into America. Localcoin is on a mission to make cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone, especially those who wouldn't normally access the ‘crypto-world.’ 

Between over 500 ATM’s, an online trading desk and a prepaid Visa Bitcoin card, they have been making great progress making cryptocurrencies more accessible, in Canada and beyond. 

However, when it came to keeping the whole team organised, that was starting to prove difficult. When a team isn't organised and people aren't accountable for what’s agreed in a meeting, it can knock and delay company goals, culture, productivity, and even staff turnover. 


Before Localcoin started using Meetical Meetings (the App for Confluence Cloud), they were using Confluence and Google Calendar for meetings. Unfortunately, there’s no direct link between them, lots of manual admin work is required, and this proved problematic. 

Confluence Meeting Notes improved things, but was still a manual approach. All of the details had to be entered manually. The people, the location and certain other items. And what they found was, although Localcoin had Confluence, no one was using it for Meeting Notes. It isn't easy to create pages, and then creating and finding notes is very disorganised. 

All of this means Confluence isn't the easiest to use, and meeting notes aren't very useful. A solution for Localcoin had to be found. 


Localcoin Co-founder & CEO stumbled across the Meetical app, and was keen to ask for a version for the Confluence Cloud. Once they could use that, it provided a solution for these various Confluence meeting stresses and pain points. 

Alongside the Confluence Cloud version, Localcoin uses the Confluence Chrome Extension which comes as additional Calendar Add in, as part of the Meetical App.

Now it’s easy for the founders and managers to setup recurring meetings and series, especially for the IT, Operations, Sales and Marketing teams. 


Meeting notes are automatic, and therefore easier to create and refer to before the next meeting. This means there’s immediate talking points, to ensure everyone is on the same page. Everything is recorded, which means the whole team is accountable. 

The executive team started using it, and has been onboarding the whole company. As Tristan Fong, Co-Founder & CEO says, “everything is really organized right now”, which is exactly what Localcoin was looking for. 

Localcoin testimonial: Meetical for Confluence

“I was really looking for a solution to improve our meetings and our meeting management. Meetical just seemed to be a very good fit for us, so I was keen to start using it.” 

“After we introduced Meetical, we are able to hold people more accountable for the tasks and all the items from the previous weeks and previous meetings.” 

“Thanks to Meetical, everything is really organised right now.” – Tristan Fong, Co-Founder & CEO, Localcoin 

Get Meetical today! Create Confluence Meeting Notes in seconds, direct from Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.