The new Series Pagination feature allows you to store Meeting Series in one Single Page or in Multiple Pages. Automation for recurring pages will make both options a viable seamless experience depending on your use case.

Use case for which a Single page is a good option:

  • 1-on-1 meeting minutes: You can keep one page for each year for example.
  • Short Status Meetings: If you do not want to report extensively on the page, then only highlights can be recorded on a single page
  • Daily: Even if daily standups are primary for developers to exchange in real life, sometimes you want to track an additional action item or question arising during a daily.

Use case for which Multiple pages are a good option:

  • Project Update Meetings
  • Status Meetings
  • Review Meetings
  • Meetings with Customers
  • All Hands Meetings

The feature is available for new and existing recurring meetings.

Track Recurring Meetings with a Single Page

Choose the single page option, if you want to track your series on one page

Track Recurring Meetings on Multiple Pages

Use Multiple Pages, one for each occurrence. And create new pages automatically.

Automate the creation of meeting occurrences

Activate Automation and Change Series Settings

Also see Confluence Meeting Notes Automation

Using the Chrome Extension

Use the Chrome Extension to control the series pagination mode
Change settings for existing series. From single to multi page or back.

Using the Outlook Add-in

Coming soon!


Can I change existing meetings series from multi to single page?

Yes you can. Simply change the setting from the internal calendar or from the Calendar Extensions. Note that existing Sub pages will still be linked to their corresponding pages, if they exist, and all other pages will be linked to the master/parent page.

Can I switch between modes?

Yes you can. Please note that currently there is a delay of about ~10 seconds for links to update properly!

Reach out to Support for questions and your input.

Your Meetical Team 🙌