Automatically create meeting pages for recurring meetings

In this guide you will learn how to automatically create meeting notes pages in Confluence with Meetical for recurring meetings. (Currently only available on Cloud Standard plan)

The pages created by meetical will pull all related information from your calendar and always stay up-to-date.

Also, the page will get linked in the event description for quick and easy access for all participants.

You can also control automation settings directly from the Chrome Extension or the Outlook Add-in. Simply open any meeting in a series and activate the automation.

1. In the calendar, create the first page for a recurring meeting

In Meetical, go to your calendar, pick a meeting and create a new page Confluence page.

2. Navigate to the parent page of the meeting then to Automate Page Creation

First access your Space from the user menu at the top right, then go the parent page, this reveals the automation menu

3. Enable automatic page creation for recurring meetings and set the number of days

Once in the Automate Recurring Page Creation Menu set the automation to ON and set the number of days it takes for the meeting to recur.

Examples:Use zero to create the page on the day of the event at the beginning of the day when the event takes place.

  • Use 1 to create the page one day before the event.
  • Use 7 to to create the next page for a weekly event, on the day of the current event.
  • 4. Upcoming meetings will get created and linked to a meeting page automatically

    Your recurring meeting will now get created and linked automatically. Meeting pages are now available in the calendar or in your space under the parent page.

    Thank you for reading. Reach out to for questions and feedback.