How to create your own custom meeting templates for Confluence

The included Meeting Templates are really helpful for getting started quickly and easily with meetings notes.

Additionally you can create as many global and space templates as you like, and customise them to your needs.

Lets learn how! Watch the video or follow the steps below.

1. Create a new Global page template

From anywhere in the app, access the settings cog at the top right, go to global templates and blueprints on the left hand side and click on "Add global page template" button.

2. IMPORTANT: Add labels

In order to have a Meetical template we need to label the new template as such. In the label panel add "meetical-template" as a label and any other labels that can help you organise better (ex: friendly-meeting).

3. Customise your templates with Macros and more

Once in the template editor you can use macros. Macros are super useful and can be used for anything from charts and project statuses to specific Meetical functionality.

We recommend you start with the Meeting Overview Table macro, which already contains all essential meeting information like date, time, location and the participants.

4. Use the template for your new meetings

After creating and saving the template we want to use it. Your custom template will now appear as an option when creating a meeting in the calendar.

5. Define default template

If you like, you can also override the default meeting templates. Do so by putting the label "meetical-default-template" on the template.

To create templates for any space, including your personal space, you can follow the same steps.

Thank you. Feedback and questions are very welcome. Reach us at

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This guide is for Confluence Cloud. See here for options on Confluence Server / Data Center.