Atlassian Promotions for Apps on the Marketplace can get you significant discounts.

Promotions can be annual or monthly and must match your billing cycle. Each promotion has a defined number of billing cycles it will be valid for, like 1 year or 12 months.

Each code is bound to a specific app on the Atlassian Marketplace. Codes can be generic, to be used by all customers, or one-time usage, each customer need their own code.

Promotions are also a common way to negotiate a custom license. If you're planning to do an organic rollout, starting with only one team in a bigger instance, reach out to us! This will involve some fair-use policy to have only a certain amount of active users during the promotion period.

Here's how to apply your App promotion code:

1) Navigate to Settings -> Promotions on your Cloud Site

You can reach this section from Confluence -> Admin Settings and via Apps -> Manage Apps.

How to apply a discount code for an App in Atlassian Cloud

For Jira, go to Apps -> Promotions.

Hot to apply a promotion for an Atlassian Marketplace App

2) Input the discount code

Click on "Apply promotion codes" and then input your code.

Promotion code example for Meetical Meetings App

3) Verify the promotion is active

Your promotion should show up in the list of active promotions.

Example of an active promotion

Well done, you're all set. 🎉

Think you apply for a promotion for our apps? Then please get in touch with us via support.