Quickstart: Confluence Chrome Extension (for Google Calendar)

Please download and install the Confluence Chrome Extension (also available as Confluence Firefox Add-on). Install and setup the extension following this guide.

To use the Meetical Browse Extensions you can use the FREE version or the STANDARD version of the Meetical Meetings App (compare plans).

This guide takes approximately 2 minutes.

Let's start! We will create Confluence Meeting Pages directly from Google Calendar

Browser Extension for Confluence - Create Meeting Notes from Google Calendar

Let's create a first Meeting Page with the Chrome Extension.

Open your Google Calendar in Chrome and create a new Meeting event.

  • Enter a title for your Meeting Event
  • Click 'Add Confluence Page'

  • Choose the Confluence Space where you want to create the Page
  • Optionally, choose the parent page where to create the Meeting Notes. (See here on how to define the list of meeting notes index page)
Choose the Confluence Space where to create the meeting page

Choose the meeting notes index page (new since September 2021)

  • Click on 'Create Page'

  • Page has been created! The Confluence chrome extension also added a link for the page to the description.
  • If you want you can already start to edit the page draft.
  • You can continue to add more information to your meeting event like Location, Agenda and Attendees.
  • Click 'Save' to save the meeting event.
  • Open the meeting event in quick preview and follow the link to open the Confluence page.
  • Check the confluence page for the event and add, goals, preparation tasks, discussion items and more content.

Great! You created your first smart Meeting Page on Confluence!


  • Save 5-10 minutes for each meeting, by preparing your meetings with this Confluence chrome extension
  • Your colleagues find current and past meeting minutes faster, and enjoy consistent titles
  • Pages are automatically in sync with your calendar events
  • You can completely automate the process for recurring meetings

Find out how Meetical improves your business meetings and use the Confluence chrome extension!

Explore more features of Meetical for Confluence:

  • Change the meeting description, location or date and time on your calendar and see how the Confluence page gets automatically updated for you.
  • Invite your colleagues to the meeting and see how their attendance RSVP status gets automatically updated once they confirm or decline.
  • Create meeting pages for recurring meetings and discover how they get automatically structured for you.
  • Enable automations for recurring meetings.

Thank you for reading this guide.

Feedback and questions are very welcome. Reach us at support@meetical.io.