Meetical for Confluence Data Center

Important Notice: Hybrid Cloud is no longer available for new customers. On-premise for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace is not yet available on the Marketplace. Please reach out for more information.
Please check our FAQs and the Meetical Data Center wiki page.

We will explain the different offerings of Meetical for on-premise Environments, how the App works under the hood and discuss potential firewall issues and their solution.

Currently there are 3 offerings for Meetical Calendar for Confluence:

  • Cloud App for Google Workspace / Google Calendar
  • Cloud App for Microsoft 365 / Outlook Calendar
  • Data Center App, Full On-Premise for Microsoft Exchange

Based your and other customer's demand, we might also offer full on-premise for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in the future. Please reach out and let us know.

Full On-Premise: Microsoft Exchange

We're offering a full on-premise solution for Enterprises. The Microsoft Exchange Integration for Confluence.

The Confluence Exchange Calendar Integration uses Exchange Web Service (EWS) and a service account you need to set up, in order to access the calendar folders of users who want to use the Outlook Add-in behind the firewall.

Unlike the Confluence Team Calendar Microsoft Exchange Integration from Atlassian, which uses CalDAV, our Confluence Data Center App uses EWS.

Please note, the Outlook Add-in XML will be generated for your Instance, and all resources needed will be served from Confluence. You do not need to install the Add-in from the Cloud AppSource Store from Microsoft. That version is dedicated to Microsoft 365.

The Outlook Add-in can be installed by an Office / Exchange Admin via the admin center, or with Powershell commands. The Add-in for Data Center + Exchange Server is served by Confluence and installed via Exchange (not via Microsoft AppSource Marketplace).

We recommend that you run a POC with us, since every corporate landscape is different, and there are literally hundreds of different Outlook versions, some still using IE11. Reach out to us.

Here's how the Configuration Page looks like.

Expert users might be able to get this up and running by following these steps:

  • Create a service account with delegation permissions to use the calendar of all or specific Microsoft users
  • Use that service account in the Meetical Configuration section.

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 (hybrid Server/Cloud)

No longer available. We currently only offer our Cloud Solution for Google and Microsoft 365 customers. Please reach out to us if you're interested in becoming a pilot customer for these solutions in the future.

Configuring Cloudflare Service Tokens / Firewall Headers

This option is no longer needed and no longer available.